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Edlen and Medworks team up to help those who need it

Steve Mariakis

08/22/2018 | Posted in Edlen Insights

Edlen often works with clients who have challenging and unique specifications. In 2017, the Edlen team in Cleveland had to get creative in order to accommodate their client, Medworks.



Medworks plays an integral role in linking people who are uninsured and underinsured in Northeast Ohio with essential healthcare.  Since 2009, Medworks has held more than 50 clinics and provided more than 14,000 individuals with 33,000 appointments and services.  These large-scale medical, dental and vision clinics provide essential healthcare to those who otherwise would not have access to these services.

It was at one of these large-scale Free Dental Clinics (held at the Huntington Convention Center) that Cleveland GM Steve Mariakis and the Edlen team answered the challenge, ensuring the success of the mission.



To put it mildly, this was not a typical tradeshow or event.  Under the direction of Medworks experts, Edlen provided plumbing and electrical services to dozens of care stations, transforming the exhibit hall into a massive commercial dental office. Through our local partner at United Rentals, we sourced an electric air compressor to provide 200cfm.  The compressor – approximately the size of a panel van – required 480v 100a service and 200’ of flexible 4” line to distribute power to various locations throughout the hall, which was necessary to maintain consistent air flow to the dental equipment.

Water supply/ drains to amalgam separators and holding tanks were provided to insure clean safety compliance with contaminated water, requiring 250ft of 2” schedule 40 and 80 PVC. This biohazard water was removed off site.



Medworks was able to provide free dental services to over 1000 patients over the span of 2 days.  Services includes evaluation, cleanings, dental numbing, partials, and extractions.


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