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The Best Summer: An Internship With Edlen

An Edlen intern reflects on her summer at the company through the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism

Alicia Cortes

09/04/2018 | Posted in Community Outreach

Alicia Cortes came to Edlen through the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism internship program. The AOHT is a magnet school of excellence and a National Academy Foundation Distinguished Program located at Valley High School. Alicia Cortes was Edlen’s Summer 2018 intern through this program.

I never really thought about Edlen. I had researched their webpage as part of the Academy of Hospitality and Tourism. I was looking more at, LVCVA, Smart City, Sweet Tours, and others. I knew it was something with shows and lights. The name sounds unique and I never had any of the last interns present it to my class. But it all started with me being very nervous during my interview.

This summer as an Intern at Edlen Electrical, I learned and experienced many new things. I had a normal eight hour work day. I would go in at 8 in the morning and leave at 4:30 in the afternoon. The first thing I would do was check on new orders. Alissa, Elizabeth’s daughter, taught me how to properly set up a “new order”. Kathy, the sweetest office manager would keep me busy with “new orders”. I would pick them up and sort them by show. After that I would look up the show and booth number on a system called “BOOMER” where exhibitors could order what they needed. On the orders, I would make sure their credit card information was on top of the page, their booth number was highlighted and written on the top right. After I filed all these orders In their proper show, I would make folders for the next show coming up. I would repeat this process for every new order and new show.

Something I enjoyed a lot was putting all these orders “on plan”. Emily Srok was very fun and patient with me and taught me how to properly put everything “on plan”. “On plan” is a whole map of the convention divided in six sections labeled A-F.  I would place the amount of power they ordered from “BOOMER” on the plan with a blue pen. If it was a big space, being an “island” or “peninsula” it would need a “floor work” and “booth work” because these spaces would most likely take up a lot of time and material. Exhibitors with big amounts of power and/or spaces had to provide a floor plan. The floor plan was an electricians guide. This floor plan would include how much and where they would like us to locate their power. I found this process very fun to do and it’d take time.

I loved working every show. I got to see a lot of these shows start from concrete and get built up into huge booths with the brightest lights, and decorations. We always worked beside GES or FREEMAN our decorators depending on the specific show. They provided carpet, display cases, and many more. I learned everyone played a big part and there was constant communication through calls or sit down meetings.

I spent most of my time assisting at the service desk. The service desk was where exhibitors would come to ask questions and/or place an order. The service desk would create and send out work orders. Some of the workers at the service desk would be, Liz F, Justin, Michael, Emily, Anthony and Zach.  Liz F taught me how to properly file, because there is a very strict way of filing all our papers so nothing goes lost. Justin was always fun and made me feel welcomed as he explained what he wanted me to do. Michael was a great teacher as well, he could answer whatever question I had. Emily, taught me a lot and she was always positive and we created a bond but she moved to DBD where she took experience from Edlen and now applies it to corporate events. Anthony taught me more on how to talk to exhibitors and interact with them, he’s a great man. Zach Wetterling is very wise and gave me advice about UNLV Law school. He is also working very hard to become the next President of Edlen and I know he will do great things because he has a great work ethic.

I would occasionally also help Dawn, Gina, Casey and Kari. When I was at the labor desk, I was most likely around Shantel or Shawna sometimes Jimmy. Yuhi was also there for a while as well. Shantel and Shawna always had something for me to do. I liked being around both of them because they were working quick and I admired how much they could get done.  Jimmy knew what he was doing so I wouldn’t interrupt him much. Anyone who is working the labor desk would have more interaction with the electricians. They would distribute our work orders and make sure it got done. My favorite foremen and electrician would have to be Joel, he was always busy and he helped me understand electrical terms/ lingo.

I was the intern and wherever they needed me I went. I became mainly a “runner”. I’d take the work orders or “koozies” from the service desk to the labor desk. Sometimes, someone would be nice enough to give me a ride but I enjoyed walking. A lot of the time when Anna or Barb were on the show floor I’d tag along with them. When I wasn’t at the service desk I would be in the office. I tried keeping myself busy and when I did not have anything to do, I’d sit and watch them trying to do exactly what they’d do. Their posture, attitude, expressions, everything because I became part of this team and I wanted to fit in.

This was one of the best summer’s I’ve had. I liked learning from everyone. Getting paid helped me open a savings account and responsibly handle my money. I learned so much and was surrounded by great people. This is a stepping stone for my life and I enjoyed it so much. Edlen is very fun and I miss it a lot; it really is full of opportunities.

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