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Tackling the Steel Conference

Edlen meets the most powerful show at Baltimore Convention Center in over a decade

Diane DeBarros

07/15/2018 | Posted in Edlen Insights


Electrically speaking, American Institute of Steel was the most powerful show to grace the exhibit halls of the Baltimore Convention Center in over a decade.

While the show paled in comparison to the square footage of some of our larger events (utilizing 185,000 sq. ft. across three halls), the voltage required to operate it was equivalent to the energy needed to power up a small town of 2,500 homes!

Why so much power for a show of this size? Many exhibits featured demonstrations of the high-precision laser machinery used to cut heavy structural steel.



Edlen Baltimore was up to the task. General Manager Diane DeBarros enlisted the help of “power people” across the organization. In addition to two highly skilled electricians assigned to assist with the installation was

  • Dan Fuller, Director of Operations
  • Jeffrey Butler, Electrician
  • Ciera Jones, Electrician
  • Keith Bonnell, Electrician
  • Doreen Delva, Senior Event Services Manager
  • Mike Wickens, Regional Vice President and General Manager from the America’s Center Convention Complex, in St. Louis and
  • Rick Brendenberg, Vice President of Utilities Services from the corporate office in Las Vegas.

The Baltimore crew ran 60,000 feet of wire that is being hung through the loading dock, ran through our tunnels and pulled through conduits to power the show as well as approximately 2,000’ of air hose for those exhibitors that needed compressed air. Powering up this show to maximum capacity involved 2600 amps of 480V of power.  Other statistics, gear, details, numbers

  • We purchased an air compressor
  • Rented (1) flat bed, and (3) Expediter, (sit-down) carts

Materials that had to be brought in from other venues include:

  • 8- 60A 600v Disconnects
  • 3- 100A 600v Disconnects
  • 11- 200A 600v Disconnects
  • 2- 400A 600V Disconnects
  • 4- 150A 60/30 Panels
  • 2- 400A 600V Hub Panels
  • 3 Sets of 4/0 Cam Tails
  • 500’ 4/5 Round
  • 2500’ 2/0 Cable
  • 2500’ 4/0 Cable



In 2017 NASCC was in Texas and they had to rent generators to accommodate their exhibitor power needs.   They were not happy with the loud noise or the fumes coming from the generators. However; due to our attention to customer service, proactive collaboration, and communicating with all partners, (i.e. decorators, BCC staff, and our offices nationally), we were able to produce an extremely successful event.

Just another example of the amazing behind-the-scenes teamwork it takes to deliver another successful event for our customers! American Institute of Steel is considering returning to the Baltimore Convention Center in 2019.

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